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Renewable Energy

Thomas Drots — Alstom, Manaer of the calculation team

We need to perfectly master the design and calculation of these components and we also need to have all the necessary knowledge at our disposal to better assess the proposals submitted by our suppliers of composite material components. We reviewed everything related to composite materials and we have examined their fields of application. Then, moe technical courses and exercises allowed us to refine this knowledge. Finally, we had the extremely instructive opportunity to visit a composite parts manufacturing workshop.

Customer needs

Composite materials are becoming more and more important in hydroelectric energies and their use can only increase.
In order to master the design of its marine turbines, Alstom wanted to deepen its knowledge in terms of sizing composite parts.

Customer benefits

Alstom has taken advantage from Cetim’s in-depth expertise in all composite materials but also in design tools and methods
Training combining theory and practice notably supported by a visit to a composite parts manufacturing workshop.

Cetim answer

Development of a customized training course (three days) on composite part’s design and sizing.

Delivered results

Increased skills of the trained employees: in-depth knowledge of composite materials, their fields of application and the related calculations (design and sizing).


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