A unique offer in Europe for the qualification of nuclear equipment


Several partnerships to propose a global offer in the qualification of civil nuclear equipments covering the whole value chain

> Specification redaction


> Equipment qualification

             Standards tests

             Specifics tests (flexibility, methods and mean co-development)


> Part and failure analyses


Pumps, Valves and seals


Fonctional test : Pumps, Valves and seal 

Pumps, Valves and seals

  • Testing procedure definition and specific measurement devices
  • Qualification Endurance test on Components
                      Pumps for power plant of Taishan and Flamanville.
                      Pump’s mechanical seals in primary and secondary EPR circuits
  • Characterization tests
                      Pumps and Valves (air/water/steam)
                      Pump’s bearings in fluids with particles
  • Endurance and correlation tests
  • Test with heavy means corresponding to the customer specification
  • High capacity air testbench


Steam and Hot Water Test capacities

  • 5 high specific loops



Seismic Testing

You want to qualify or enhance the reliability of the earthquake behaviour of your structures and equipment.  Cetim provides a comprehensive reliable offer via a combined approach calculation & tests

  • Bi-axial seismic table :
                    Frequency range up to 100Hz
                    X/Z acceleration up to 3g
                    Equipment weight up to 2 tonnes
                    Table dimensions: 2m x 2m
                    Multi-physic instrumentation
  • Standard and Specific tests for exemple :
                     CRT 91 C113,
                     CRT 91 C 112 00 / EDF HN20E53
  • Cofrac accréditation for Seismic Tests


Shock and Vibrations Test

  • Three axis electrodynamic shakers for equipment characterization and qualification with the following characteristics:
                    Frequency range from 5 to 2000Hz
                    Steady state force up to 160kN
                    Impulse force up to 300kN
                    • Acceleration up to 100g
                    Equipment weight up to 2000kg
                    Equipment dimensions up to 2 x 2m
                    Multi-physic instrumentation (+200 measurement channels)
                    Vibration / Climatic combined tests
                    Shock / Sine / Random / Combined / Replication control possibilities
  • Standard and Specific tests, for exemple :
                    • NF EN 60068-2-6
                    NF EN 60068-2-27
  • Cofrac accreditation for Vibration Tests


ElectroMagnetic Compatibility Test

  • Semi-anechoic Chamber [9m*6m*5m]
  • Open Area Test Site [15m*4m]
  • EMC Laboratory
  • Standard and Specific tests, for exemple :
                    NF EN 61000-4-2/3/4/5/6/18
                    NF EN 61000-6-2
                    NF EN 61000-5-2
  • Cofrac accreditation for EMC tests
  • On site measurement
                    Conducted and radiated emission 9k to 18GHz
                    Conducted and radiated immunity 10k to 6GHz
    with a field strength up to 100V/m
                    Electrostatic discharges, Surge, Electrical Fast Transient in Burst,
    Damped oscillatory wave
                    Equipment dimensions up to 3 x 2,4m
                    Equipment weight up to 4000kg


Fire Test

  • Official fire testing institute with more than 20 years’ experience in nuclear field, regarding testing, fire safety engineering and the fire behavior of products.
  • Standard and Specific tests, for exemple :
                    Qualification of Components
                    Qualification of Components Passive fire protection
  • Cofrac ISO 17025 accréditation for FireTests

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