On the way to a noise-free car interior


Perceived quality improvement


Smart life on board

Customer needs

One of main goals in the automotive sector is to minimise squeaking and grinding in order to make the car interior as noise-free as possible.
With this in mind, the tribology experts of the PSA Group needed a to have better knowledge of the materials that we use as regards noise performance and a method to assess this performance from the design stage of the vehicles.

Customer benefits

PSA today has a testing procedure developed which can be applied to all new materials that we are likely to use in their vehicles.
As part of this work, a digital approach served to demonstrate that it was possible to reproduce the complex phenomena noted during the tests.
A global support thanks to the multidisciplinary skills of materials teams to optimise products.

Cetim answer

Approximately one hundred tests were performed and covered 25 pairs of polymer / polymer and polymer / steel materials
Two years of studies were required to carry out this study.

Delivered results

A comprehensive study allowing to understand the noise excitation mechanisms, software applications development capable of predicting them, proposition of formulations to reduce the noise performance potential.


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