A robot to sustain machining productivity


Lowering of Manufacturing & Operating Costs


Operations & Maintenance Optimization

Jean Patenet — Moules et Outillages de Bourgogne - Manager

Finally the company increased both, its productivity and its workforce. First we improved the skills of our CAM operators then we had to recruit a person for the workshop and another one is in the process of being recruited

Customer needs

This cartesian robot was desgined to increase production thanks to its operational efficiency

Customer benefits

Technical and financial support from a collective program “Robot Start PME”

Occupation rate rose from 50 to over 80% for the 5 axes center, by combining the machine with a loading unloading robot.

Workforce reinforced and skills improved

Cetim answer

A robotics specialist assists the company throughout the project to ensure they made the right choice both in terms of costs and technically.

Delivered results

Global support recommandation in terms of equipment and productivity organization allowing a clever choice to improve both, skills and productivity


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