In a fast moving aerospace market, Cetim is your ideal partner to succeed in increasing the resilience of the global supply-chain and developing the next-generation aircraft..

Increase of delivery over the coming years  — Ramp up & digitalization

Increase of delivery over the coming years — Ramp up & digitalization

Manufacturing & operating costs reductions

Manufacturing & operating costs reductions

Aircrafts and Launchers of tomorrow & Clean Sky compatibility

Aircrafts and Launchers of tomorrow & Clean Sky compatibility

How to meet the MRO challenge ?

Download our special issue and discover how main actors get on board the aerospace engineering of the future from the design phase, throughout production, right up to aircraft MRO, even during the flight thanks to connected technologies.

  • State of the art
  • Point of views from ArianeGroup, Air France Industries KLM & E&M…
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Our Solutions

Delivering a complete suite of solutions to fit with Aerospace high expectations

Innovative design for cost & weight reduction

Design or redesign a system in a cost and / or weight reduction targets


  • Mastery new composite materials, innovative metallic materials, “Reach” compliance
  • New needed features
  • Numerical simulation
  • Design according to usage and service conditions (HUMS)
  • Benchmark approach for cross fertilization
  • Training

Testimonials and case studies

Reducing vehicle weight for new production run > Sherloc European project: QSP® is put to test in the aeronautics sector >

Test engineering & simulation

Ensure reliability and quality of parts and products reducing test programs


  • Development of customized multiphysical test benches (parts and materials)
  • Enginineering testing
  • Smart testing (sensors instrumentation)
  • Combination of physical and numerical simulation (Time to market booster)

Testimonials and case studies

Goodrich: Submitting components to rigorous mechanical tests > Gauthier Connectique: Surface treatment under scrutiny >

Industrial performance & efficiency

Design, manage, exploit the industrial tools to guarantee ramp up achievement and safety


Lean testing

  • Metallic, polymer & composite tests
  • 33 Nadcap Test Codes
  • A unique range of tests: research, development, industrialization, production or in-service defect analysis
  • All operations integrated, from panel manufacturing, specimen machining to testing report
  • Local support and cost-effectiveness organization (France, Morocco, Japan, Singapore)

Innovative manufacturing processes industrialization and optimization 

  • Metal additive manufacturing,
  • Innovative thermoplastic composite processes (QSP…)
  • Machining
    • Precision electrochemical machining (PECM)
    • Cryogenic assistance
    • Assisted vibratory drilling
    • Self adaptative machining (Usitronic)
    • Multimaterials machining
    • Simulation…
  • Special processes, efficient assemblies
  • Automation, Robotics : machining, finish, assembly, NDT…
  • Connected tools
  • Training

Testimonials and case studies

Zodiac : Innovative design to reduce costs & production time > Production of monitoring tests > Kalistrut Aerospace: robotics to develop productivity on small series > Ariane Group: Support in selecting & validating machining equipment > TACT project: Automated non-destructive testing of composite parts >

Operations & Maintenance Optimization

Reduce operating costs Optimize the MRO Improve the logistics chain


  • Predictive Maintenance
    • HUMS solutions in order to optimize maintenance plans according to risks
    • Improvement of the management of the supply chain and in particular better calibrate stocks
  • New manufacturing processes : Additive manufacturing
    • To repair expensive parts, lengthen their service life or custom manufacturing (from a digital model database, to reduce spare parts stocks): Repackaging & Downsizing
  • Mastering of composites: Repair and Training
  • Material expertise and failure analysis dedicated business unit, through Matcor, a Cetim Singapore-based company

Testimonials and case studies

Thales Avionics: Guarantee the conformity a subcontractor parts > MOB: A robot to sustain machining productivity >

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